STATE OF SHOP was born out of a love for online shopping, but also from a frustration at the lack of reliable information about it. We’re convinced that for every single occasion, no matter how big or small, you can find the perfect something to wear online.

STATE OF SHOP is here to answer one of the world wide web’s big questions: “Where can I buy one of those?”

Part shopping directory, part blog, part online guide, STATE OF SHOP is a hub for women who want to buy fashion on the internet. And most importantly, this is the place where our SOS Guidebooks come to life.

We want STATE OF SHOP to be the ultimate companion for online shoppers. Through our website, guidebooks and online community our aim is to bring the world of fashion and shopping to you.

You can join the SOS community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or you can simply browse our Shop Talk section of the website… you never know, you might find something you love!

Welcome to the new state

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