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State of Shop appreciates how important your privacy is and has policies in place to ensure your details are protected when you visit our site. State of Shop will not share, sell, rent, or trade any information obtained from you to a third party, except if we are legally required or permitted to do so.

Information Collection

State of Shop only collects the information you volunteer when you subscribe to the website, make a purchase, comment or submit an enquiry. Only those fields marked ‘required’ need to be completed to use our services. The information you disclose is used for transaction and identification purposes, and if we need to contact you.

Usage and disclosure

By volunteering any personal information to State of Shop you consent to the use of this information in the future, this includes all images or documents you submit. You always have the ability to opt-out of receiving non-essential communication from us.

Website data

Additionally, there may be times when we collect non-identifiable information about how our subscribers use the site. This statistical information is for research purposes and helps us create better products and services. This data will not be used in association with any other personal information.

Third party sites

As part of our service, State of Shop will link to third party websites. We are not responsible for the content published on those sites and you leave State of Shop at your own risk. For your own peace of mind we recommend investigating their individual privacy policies.

If State of Shop does recommend the products or services of a third party website, unfortunately we are unable to guarantee their products and services to you. While State of Shop will endeavour to ensure prices quoted on our website are correct, we are unable to guarantee these prices remain correct.

The State of Shop team have NOT personally shopped at every online store that we link to, either on the website or in our books. Our reviews are based on detailed research of the store’s website, reading other customer reviews and where possible through communications with the store’s customer service department. We will always note which stores we HAVE shopped at and will always be honest and open with our own experiences.

Copyright / Attribution

State of Shop is an all rights reserved website. All content, including but not limited to photographs, pictures, designs, text, code on the website and in our books remains the intellectual property of State of Shop. No content can be used or reproduced without our express written permission. Unauthorised use will be considered to be a Copyright infringement.

If we publish photographs or content from a third party then we will make every effort to attribute it to the rightful owner.

If you would like to link to or quote from our website then you may do so, as long as the appropriate credit is given. Our content is our core business, so we appreciate people who honour these basic editorial standards. Credit where credit is due.

Full disclosure

There may be times when we publish ‘sponsored’ articles either on our website or in our books. Sponsored articles are always clearly labelled as such, similar to an advertorial in a newspaper or magazine. They are paid for by an advertiser but written by someone on the State of Shop team.

In addition to ‘sponsored’ articles, State of Shop may receive commissions for linking to third party websites via affiliate programs. These payments are paid directly from the third party website to us, and do not cost our users anything.


While every effort is made by the State of Shop team to provide up-to-date and accurate information, either through human error or the nature of online shopping and the Internet, sometimes the data we provide changes or is incorrect.

State of Shop is not liable for any expenses, costs, loss (including consequential loss), or damages that any person or organisation may suffer or incur as a result of, or in connection with, use of State of Shop.

We recommend always checking a store’s details thoroughly before every purchase. We appreciate all feedback, particularly when we’ve got something wrong, or information has changed. Please email info@stateofshop.com if you have updates for us.

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