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Green leather clutch from CHARLIE MIDDLETON


Dannijo Rivera cuff from BLACK RAG

Image from BLACK RAG

White Seas bracelet from TONI MAY

Image from TONI MAY

Copper neckpiece from STANNARD-INC


One of the great things about the internet is that independent designers have the ability to open up shop and sell their wares all over the world. And for people like us who love online shopping, it means we can support emerging talent from all corners of the globe, without ever leaving our lounge room.

Having said all that however, venturing past your front door CAN actually provide great fodder for your online shopping adventures. Case in point: Bondi Markets.

Held every Sunday from 10am-4pm at the Bondi Beach Public School, Bondi Markets are home to loads of independent designers and retailers, many of whom also sell online. So there’s no need to fret if you don’t live close enough to pop down on a Sunday, you can visit their online stores anytime.

Here are the best picks from our last visit to Bondi Markets, from the top:

Amazing handmade leather bags, clutches and accessories from CHARLIE MIDDLETON

Cool, chunky jewellery, great for layering from BLACK RAG

Unique, colourful jewellery with a definite tribal feel from TONI MAY

Tough, edgy, metal jewellery designs from STANNARD-INC

Also look out for the clothes and jewellery on sale via LITTLE MISS BOO, the frocks from ST FROCK, the cool shirts and hoodies from MONSTER THREADS and the vintage tea towel cushions from BOB WINDOW.

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