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SOS SPOTLIGHT: Simone Cozens


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While we’ve been in Thailand we’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with professional hair and make up artist Simone Cozens. She’s worked on some incredible jobs over the years, so in between cocktails, water fights and dancing ‘til the wee hours, we managed to pick her brains about all things make up, celebrities, brushes and her favourite online beauty stores. Take a look…

MasterChef Australia Series 3 - Nigella Lawson

Gary Mehigan, Simone Cozens, Nigella Lawson and George Calombaris. Photograph by STUART BRYCE

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

I’ve been doing professional hair and make up for 13 years and have worked in pretty much all areas, from runway to television, film, editorial and advertising.

Most recently I’ve been the Head of Make Up for a few different TV shows – Masterchef Australia, Excess Baggage, Masterchef All Stars, Junior Masterchef, and I was also part of the make up team on The Voice and The Celebrity Apprentice.

So what celebrities have you worked with?

Well I like to make everyone feel like a celebrity! But some well known people I’ve worked with include Nigella Lawson, Kate Ceberano, Deepak Chopra, Rachel Finch, Matt Preston, Kevin Federline, Jescinta Campbell, Samara Weaving, Johnny Ruffo, Pauline Hanson and Stephanie Rice.


Lauren Vickers and Simone Cozens. Photograph by DARIO GARDIMANN

What do you love about your job?

Everything! The creativity, the different people I meet and the places I go. Plus, the reward of making someone else feel good about themselves.

I love to do natural polished make up that enhances a person’s beauty – whether you’re a celebrity or not. It’s all about accentuating what you’ve got. I’m a big fan of getting the skin flawless and wholesome looking.

What has been your favourite job to date and why?

[There are] Too many! Working in The Kimberly with Kate Ceberano; shooting in New York with Masterchef; body painting with Tim Gratton for the 101 Dalmatians / Harper’s Bazaar editorial… I couldn’t even begin to narrow it down.


Simone Cozens and Lauren Vickers. Photograph by DARIO GARDIMANN

What’s the biggest mistake women make when it comes to applying make up?

Mismatching foundation seems to be the most common [mistake]. Always match your foundation to your collarbone, that way your face always matches your body. It’s also a good idea to have two foundations and to mix them appropriately as your skin colour changes through the seasons.

What’s your number one tip for applying flawless, everyday make up?

Make sure your skin is prepared properly with your skincare products. Use a great eye base and face primer so it lasts all day. And always blend. You never want to see a line where anything starts and stops. This is where good quality brushes are your best friend.

What’s your number one tip when it comes to doing make up for a night out?

Lashes! I love lashes, add them to any look for a little something extra. Use Helen Dowsley’s Ethical Lashes App – you can actually ‘try them on’ before you buy.

You recently meet up with the SOS team in Thailand, what kind of things do you pack in your make up kit when you travel?

I’m big on skincare and a good suncream like Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence. In the way of makeup, I pack Covergirl waterproof mascara (not that any mascara could survive Songkran – Thailand’s water festival), Nude By Nature mineral powder, Laura Mercier blush and brow powder. And then it’s just my travel brush kit.

Speaking of brushes, how important are good quality brushes?

I think they make all the difference. You can use average make up and good brushes to get a great result. It’s a lot harder to do a fantastic make up job with your fingers, even if you’re using the best products.

Which brushes are better – synthetic or natural hair?

As a general guideline, synthetic brushes are better with creams, gels and liquids, and natural hair brushes are better for powder. Of course there are exceptions so play around and see what works best for you.

Take us through the brushes you can’t live without when you travel…

Clockwise from left: brow brush, blush brush, mineral brush, flat liner brush, pony tail brush

Clockwise from left: brow brush, blush brush, mineral brush, flat eyeliner brush and ponytail brush

What are your favourite online stores for buying make up and beauty products?

There are so many! Here are some that I know people in the industry use:

Is there anything we should be wary of when buying make up and beauty products online?

If you’re buying something for the first time, read the reviews. I like to use a free App called Make Up Alley. If you’re buying a foundation see if it’s possible to get samples first to try on your skin.

How can people get in touch with you for make up advice, master classes or to book you for jobs?

Either on my website, my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, by email or phone – I think I’ve got every base covered!

If you have any hair or make up questions for Simone then you can get in touch with her directly, or send us a beauty SOS and we’ll post it online so everyone can benefit. What are your biggest priorities when it comes to your make up routine?

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