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How to buy the right size clothes online?


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Sizing is one of the trickiest elements of shopping online for clothes, especially if you’re shopping at international stores. Probably the most important hurdle is to just accept that sometimes you may end up with something that doesn’t fit right or suit your body, but if you’ve done your research then returning the item won’t be a problem. Of course, there are ways to minimise the chances of getting it wrong.

Here’s what we suggest:

  1. If you’re an online shopping novice, start with buying brands online that you already own and wear. That way you’ll have a good idea of their style and fit.
  2. It may seem obvious, but make sure you check out the store’s ‘size guide’ for the product you’re looking to buy. Every brand is different so it always pays to double check.
  3. Use all the data available to you on the website. Simple things like watching a video of the product (see ASOS), or noting what size the model is wearing will help you make the best decision.
  4. Read the customer reviews. Most of the information customers provide is about fit, so they’ll help you determine what size you need.
  5. If you can afford the initial outlay, purchasing an item in multiple sizes is a fantastic way to ensure a perfect fit. It’s simple, you just buy the same item 
in several sizes (usually two is enough), try them both on and return the one that doesn’t fit for a refund. Many stores like ASOS and THE ICONIC already have their returns system set up for this. Just make sure the store DOES offer refunds first!
  6. Start taking note of what size you are in different brands, either in your current wardrobe or when you try new clothes on. This will increase your general self- awareness when it comes to knowing the best clothing, sizes and styles for your body.

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ASOS winter parka, ASOS t-shirt dress, ASOS sunglasses, H BY HUDSON boots

Images from ASOS

Clockwise from left:


DECJUBA jacket, RIVER ISLAND top, G-STAR jeans

Images from THE ICONIC

From left:

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