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SOS Guidebook Top 100 Online Clothes Stores

It has taken over a year to shop for, research and write, but the first STATE OF SHOP GUIDEBOOK is finally here!

Be one of the first to get your copy for only $4.95 (AUD). You can buy yours here.

We have shopped at hundreds of clothing stores in Australia and overseas and now we have the list of the Top 100 Online Clothes Stores in the world.

It wasn’t easy compiling the list, and some well-known stores surprisingly didn’t quite make the cut. If you’re wondering what makes a Top 100 store – they must meet at least 8 of our 10 criteria:

  1. Good range of high quality, reputable, unique OR affordable fashion.
  2. Easy to navigate online store.
  3. Delivery within two weeks (from every corner of the globe).
  4. Free or reasonable delivery charges to Australia.
  5. Returns and refunds offered with reasonable terms.
  6. Photos on real models, multiple images or video options for each product.
  7. Detailed product information on sizing, price, materials and fit.
  8. Easy to locate terms and conditions on the website.
  9. Customer service and contact details available on the site, or easy instructions for getting assistance.
  10. STATE OF SHOP team has shopped there and loved it. (In case you’re wondering, every store in this book ticks this box.)

You can download the first two chapters for free here, or go to our SOS Guidebooks page to find out more.


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