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What to wear to exercise in for winter 2014


It would be so easy just to curl up in winter and never do any exercise, but unfortunately that doesn’t make for much of a healthy mind or body. Luckily there’s a really easy way to get motivated to move your butt, and that’s to treat yourself to some new exercise gear.

You might not believe it, but it makes such a huge difference to your self confidence and body image if the clothes you wear when exercising are well fitting, comfortable and just a wee bit stylish. Bright colours, interesting textures and good quality fabrics all help to lift your mood and as a result you train better.

We’ve got some tried and tested go-to stores when it comes to active wear, and to be honest, we hardly shop anywhere else for workout gear. We thought we’d be nice and let you in on our sporty store secrets…

(Of course all of these stores have made it into our Top 100 Online Clothes Stores guidebook)

Best winter work out gear from STYLERUNNER


STYLERUNNER, clockwise from left:


Best winter workout gear from SHOPBOP

Images from SHOPBOP

SHOPBOP, from left:


Best winter workout gear from LULULEMON

Images from LULULEMON

LULULEMON, from left:


Best winter work out gear from LORNA JANE

Images from LORNA JANE

LORNA JANE, from left:


Best winter work out gear from BONDS

Images from BONDS

BONDS, clockwise from left:


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