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Flipping through fashion magazines

Photograph by LULU RUTTLEY

Online shopping and pinboarding

Photograph by LULU RUTTLEY

An article by Drew Green in the Huffington Post Canada outlined five types of online shoppers, although he was careful to mention other types of shoppers existed, and that many of us actually display characteristics from multiple profiles.

We thought we’d share Green’s insights with you so you can work out where you fit, and if you need to be worried.

1. The Avid Shopper -  This person has been shopping online for some time now, they enjoy browsing the internet, they know which sites have the best products, prices, policies and service and they are always confident when they buy. Green says, “Their friends call them a “shopaholic” but really, they’re just savvy shoppers who are ahead of the trend when it comes to online or mobile shopping.” We like to think this sums up most of the SOS team!

2. The Emotional Shopper – Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘retail therapy’? According to Green, “An emotional shopper is someone who splurges to fill a need.” Just like those of us who eat because we’re stressed, angry, lonely, bored or even happy, shopping can be an easy way to satisfy an emotional urge. Ever rewarded yourself with a spot of shopping, or gotten over a break-up with a new outfit?

3. The Impulse Shopper - This type of shopper purchases on a whim. They make snap decisions, often influenced by external forces, for example friends, events or sales.”This shopper gets trigger-happy when they browse a sale and see “1 item left in stock” – the sense of urgency drives the purchase and regardless of whether it’s a need or a want, this person can justify it,” says Green. We’ve all had moments like that, haven’t we?

4. The Deal Hunter - No one can stand in the way of a deal hunter and a good bargain. And there are so many bargains to be had online. Green states, “Deal hunters are strategic, patient and a little bit adventurous because they know that everything eventually goes on sale and they’re willing to wait even if it means possibly losing out.”

5. The Casual Shopper - When it comes to online shopping not everyone is a staunch advocate or even cares enough to have an opinion. This could sum up the casual shopper. They may have purchased online, but they’ve done their research first. According to Green, “They are the opposite of an impulse buyer. A casual shopper is usually a smart shopper, always having money saved for a rainy day.” We just wonder how quickly a ‘casual shopper’ can turn into an ‘avid shopper’ after uncovering a few good deals?!

We came up with a few types of our own: The Convenience Shopper (they don’t have the time or ability to go in store), The Speciality Shopper (they only buy from certain stores), The Window Shopper (they like to browse online, but hardly ever buy), and of course, The Professional Shopper (it’s their job to shop, heaven).

Do you know of any other types and more importantly, what kind of shopper are you? Remember, if the shoe fits…

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